Specialized Trading

As a specialist in our field, a large number of leading brands are happy for us to competantly supply their products.
We represent many leading national and international companies. As such we carry a comprehensive range of parts to resell locally and internationally.

This guarantees our customers the highest quality at fair prices.

Should you require support for specific products in your process we will gladly assist you with our technical know-how.

For further information click the link to contact your nearest office location or contact:

Mr. Volker Schiersch
Tel.: +49 3364 40 47 29
E-Mail: volker.schiersch@simpexhydraulik.de

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E-Commerce Platform

Furthermore, we invite you to take advantage of our E-Commerce platform PSM.
Once registered, it will give you access to a large number of suppliers and allows you to select and compile individual catalogs from the wide range of offers - procurement couldn't be any easier!

For futher information kindly contact:
Mirko Schaeffer
Tel.: +49 3364 37 77 77
E-Mail: mirko.schaeffer@psm-marketplace.de

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