Fluid Management

Very often hydraulic problems and component failures are caused by contaminated oil.

Dirt particles are brought in, either from the outside or due to component wear, and continuously deteriorate the oil purity.
The contamination of the oil has a direct effect on the service life of the hydraulic components and the resulting failure of a pump or valve often leads to machine downtime with devastating consequences and costs.

Clean and "dry" oil ensures that the hydraulics and the associated hydraulic components function reliably and correctly.

Therefore SIMPEX HYDRAULIK offers complete Fluid Management from a single source.

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Determination of the Oil Purity Class

Determination of oil purity class acc. to ISO 4406 or NAS 1638
Online measurement on the running machine on site and under system conditions
Bottled sample analyzes on site
Analysis of oil samples that are sent to us in bottles
Interpretation of the results
Suggestions for demand-based oil service measures, filter or oil change etc.

Mobile Filtration

(with standard – “off the shelf” units, like UMP045-Ecoline or with our own designed equipment)

Filtration of hydraulic fluids and liquid lubricants in the bypass circuit or
with the filling of units and systems

Filling and emptying of tanks

Monitoring of the oil purity

Stationary Filtration

Service and Supply

Filtration of hydraulic and lubricating oil systems,
optionally with integrated permanent particle counting CMS (Contamination Monitoring System)
Monitor automatically measures and displays the contamination, residual moisture and
and oil temperature.
Also optional: permanent detection of metal particles
Remote data transmission and corresponding interface
Available as standard for tanks with a capacity of up to 11,000 litres


  • Very clean oil
  • Extremely fine filtration
  • Constant high oil purity
  • High water absorption capacity
  • High retention rate for impurities
  • Extended service life for oil and components
  • Permanent and cost efficient monitoring in a small space
  • „Smart Filter“ offers maximum plant security
pneumatic pump, flexible tube, hose

Oil Dehydration

Service and Supply of the Dehydration Unit

Removal of water from various hydraulic and lubricating oil systems
Removal of particles, gas and water


  • Very clean oil due to high filtration level
  • Improvement of oil- as well as machine service life
  • Reduction of down times
  • Lowering of maintenance cost
  • Reduction of cost for fresh oil
Hydraulic components