Installation and Commissioning

We are able to carry out assembly and pipeline installation, both here in Germany and overseas.
Thereby we use all common connection techniques (including welding) and at all pressure levels.

In the field of pipeline assembly - especially in the areas of hydraulics and central lubrication technology - we at SIMPEX HYDRAULIK are recognized and certified experts.

General Installation Works

  • Leading installations for Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Central Lubrication Systems (world wide)
  • Compressor Systems

Pipline assembly

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic system piping in steel and stainless steels
  • Piping of complete Central Lubrication Systems
  • Execution of welding works (e.g. TIG) on pipelines
  • Pipe bending from Ø 6 mm up to Ø 76,1 mm with mobile bending machines
  • Pipe beveling up to Ø 114,3 mm
  • Prefabrication of pipelines according to isometrics in our own workshops
  • Flushing of pipe systems
  • Measurement and documentation of the oil purity with laser measuring devices


  • Commissioning of Hydraulic Power Units
  • Commissioning of Hydraulic Systems and Plants
  • At home and abroad

For further information kindly contact:
Bernd Kurzmann
Tel.: +49 3381 33 53 16