Hydraulic Hose Service & Management

Defective hydraulic hose lines are often the cause of system downtimes.
Rapid availability of replacement hose lines and professional hose management are important measures to avoid high downtime costs.

In addition, burst or non-properly assembled hydraulic hose lines can lead to significant injuries and lifelong disability, whereby any plant operator should follow OHS Occupational Health and Safety regulations (DGUV Rule 113-020 and BetrSichV – where they are responsible for limiting the risks of accidents and injuries to employees).

SIMPEX HYDRAULIK offers a wide range of Hydraulic Hose Services as well as Hose Management:

  • Stationary and mobile hose workshops
  • Personal advice on site by our qualified staff
  • Hose assembly in our workshops or on site
  • Disassembly and assembly and - on request - labeling and documentation
  • Use of quality products - both hose and fittings from one manufacturer

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Professional Hose Management starts with the inventory and cataloguing of all hydraulic hose lines. We are happy to use your existing database or we can create your individual hydraulic hose database according to your wishes.

The individual modules of the SIMPEX HYDRAULIK system are:

    Unified marking of all hydraulic hose lines - according to customer specifications or SIMPEX HYDRAULIK standard

    Creation of a database with condition assessment, technical designation, documentation and replacement intervals

    Automated deadline monitoring and control of the maintenance intervals to ensure occupational safety according to DGUV
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