Fire Resistant Technology

In addition to tasks relating to fluid technology, SIMPEX HYDRAULIK also deals with special topics, such as customer specific designs which help to make steel production more efficient.

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Ladle Milling Device for steel works

This device simplifies the relining of monolithically lined ladles and reduces the costs for the refractory material and the disposal of residual materials.

The automatic process reduces personnel costs to a minimum.
The ladle milling device works with a precisely guided milling head - the layer thickness can be adjusted according to the degree of melting.
While the traditional, manual process is almost uncontrollable, the milling device removes the worn layer in a precisely controlled and even manner – thus saving material and labor cost, as well as reducing the risk for accidents,

Tapping Breakthrough Device

This is a special device for hot breakthrough of the worn tapping channel of electric arc furnaces with eccentric bottom tapping. The breakthrough hammer is inserted into the worn tapping channel through the opening in the horizontal bay water cooling panel, using an indoor crane or a jib crane. The tapping channel is broken out downwards by the impact energy generated by compressed air.

At tap change, the tapping stones of an electric arc furnace have usually been knocked out by jack hammers.

So far, SIMPEX HYDRAULIC has built more than 100 of these devices.