Repair of Hydraulic Valves

Since the costs for new proportional and servo valves are often quite high, it might be economical to overhaul or repair defective valves.
We repair hydraulic valves of all common manufacturers and types and - after completion of the work - carry out function and leak tests according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Particle contamination of the oil is often the cause of blockages at nozzle bores or for jammed valve slides. Compliance with the purity class specified by the manufacturer is of great importance here. A regular check of the filter, as well as filter change and regular oil analysis are preventive measures to avoid failures - therefore we offer professional fluid management.

Defective hydraulic valves are repaired quickly and professionally by our experienced employees. Our offer ranges from simple seal changes to mechanical reworking of the sealing surfaces to the replacement of individual components. After the repair, the functionality and tightness are checked and the result is recorded.

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